Director: Peter Fisher

Peter has more than eleven years of payment card industry experience, and two years independent consultancy experience. He has a proven track record of major project delivery in business strategy and technical expertise. He has successfully managed several multi-million dollar smart card and electronic commerce projects, involving business strategy, commercial frameworks, technology platform upgrades, and business case development.

Peter contributed to the delivery of the first Visa smart card migration project in the UK, where he contributed to product development, technical specifications, member bank project support and consultancy, and was the team leader for the internal implementation project. His excellent project management skills ensured that the EMV (industry standard) migration started in the CEMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) region at Visa. He was responsible for setting up and running the ‘pilot’ implementation in Poland. He also led negotiations with vendors to offer special deals to Visa members, and played a major part in training internal and external clients on Visa’s smart card business rules, as well as the technology impacts.

Peter was also responsible for the development and approval of the Visa CEMEA smart card incentive fund, which was successfully utilised to encourage the region’s smart card migration.

Peter has excellent presentation skills, and has represented Visa at major industry fora, including in the Middle East, and South Africa. He has personally developed and delivered member education modules for smart cards and electronic commerce. He has been responsible for electronic commerce programme development, and has successfully implemented the ‘Verified by Visa’ programme in CEMEA. This has been a major success for the region, having achieved 95% take up of the service.
Since leaving Visa, Peter set up Apkallu Limited and worked for a major software development company on a market, product and strategy review for secure internet shopping payment solutions. He also worked on an implementation strategy for the introduction of PayPass, a contactless payment system at MasterCard in Belgium.
Peter is currently working for a major electrical utility company in Tasmania, project managing the replacement of their Customer Information and Billing System.

Peter has an outstanding and varied skill set including strategy and product development, structured project management, excellent negotiation, communication and presentation skills and relationship management.

Peter studied with the Open University for 10 years, and has gained a BSc (Hons), and a Professional Diploma in Management (Dip Man). He is also a Licentiate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Management, and a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Peter lives in Hobart, Tasmania Australia.